Why Holiday Vacations Are Good For Your Business


It may seem counter intuitive, but setting yourself free for a while for a good vacation may actually be good for your company. Forget about lost productivity while you’re away. It’s your optimized performance when you come back that will surely send your business stats up.

Here are some reasons why taking a break may be just be good for you:

Getting Rid of Stress

Over the years, studies on the effects of stress suggest a direct relationship between stress and cardiovascular diseases. So, the very career you’re trying to build and maintain may just take a toll on your health.

But no matter how busy you are, there is good news: Taking a few days off for a vacation or, say, a waterfront retreat at East Gippsland Accommodation area, will make your body feel rested, rejuvenated and realigned with your thoughts and goals. Not only does a holiday vacation give you enough time to be mindful of your present state, but it also relieves significant amounts of stress from your body. Now this is very noteworthy because taking away stress means healthier body for you.

Resetting Burnouts

When chronic stress results in burnout, it’s time to take that long-awaited holiday. Shut your computer, leave your desk and head straight to a waterfront getaway where pristine waters and scenic landscapes let you forget the crunching numbers and business stats you face in your office every day.

The moment our body experiences the soothing effects of nature, it begins its process of restoration and healing. This proves very important if you wish to maintain optimum health. After all, our body is never designed to be working all the time, year round. At some point, we need some dose of healing too.

Getting a Bird’s Eye View of Everything

Coming into a dead end and not knowing how to deal with business uncertainties is something familiar to us. If you’ve been ruminating and out of focus lately, taking a break might just give you a clearer picture of everything related to your company. Sometimes, when we’re just too focused on the issues that arise every day, we lose track of our priorities too; hence a good vacation on the way!

The Bottom Line


Whatever business you own, giving yourself a break would actually help you and your business grow and remain healthy because of the balanced life you achieve. Also, why not choose waterfront conference centre for your business meetings too? It’s the best way to merge a good holiday vacation and work!


Waterfront Retreat: The Perfect Escape From The City Life



When it feels like the heat of the city makes you feel exhausted and the noise of the busy streets keep you irritated then it’s time for you to take off the city limits and feel the fresh air of the nearest retreat house. Sometimes it is always the best option to log off from your usual day to day routine to keep your brain’s functioning the way it should. Being far from the things that cause you to be stressed is the main solution to get a refreshed mind, body and soul. Having a retreat for a day or two will provide you new ideas, fresh start, and a much better perspective in life.

When you decide for a retreat, you seek for peace and quiet. The serenity that will bring you comfort and the ultimate relaxation that your whole being needs can certainly be found on a waterfront accommodation in Victoria. The idea of being surrounded by nature and wildlife is indeed refreshing to the mind and body. How would you like to spend a day or a couple of it without thinking of any officeworks that has to meet the deadline?  How relaxing it can be to just sit down and relax while listening to the sound of the wind, the waves rushing to the shore? Isn’t it extremely rejuvenating to hear the sound of the birds singing while watching them on the branch of a tree? These are just some of the invigorating activities that you would love to be doing while spending a retreat.

water activities

Waterfront retreat can provide you a soulful meditation and realization about what happened in the past and what should be done in the future. The Nature will be the perfect backdrop when you try to correct all the wrong things during the past years and of course what has been done in the past can never be undone in just two days but they will rather serve as  inspiration to move on with life with new and better approach. All of us need precious time like this in order to accept who we are and what we have.  A quiet environment will certainly allow us to reflect and to pull extra strength within us to face life and it’s trials. Life is never easy but we can all live happily with just the right motivation and having the right inspiration to move on with it.

So the next time you try to escape your busy life, choose to spend a retreat on Gippsland Lakes Accommodation, where serenity is offered together with the beauty of nature.

Is a Great Wedding Venue and Coordinator Really Necessary At Your Wedding?



Planning a wedding is both exciting and overwhelming to some people.The planner has to keep yourself educated and informed on every detail that could make your wedding is to be trouble-free. This article is packed with useful tips that you can use in choosing the right wedding reception venue for your wedding.


Practice your walk down the aisle many times. This is how you will perfect your flow as you make the big day.


When doing Wedding Planning, alcohol needs to be a consideration as to what type you want to serve, as well as what the costs are going to be. Ask about which alcohol serving options your venue. Add decorative touches to all of the element in your wedding. These little details will elevate your wedding day stand out as having been well planned. Make sure the right one to shoot your wedding.You do not want to be stuck with a wedding pictures that you are not meet your high standards.


Include gifts that are sure to be useful while on location at the wedding, like a tourist map, tourist maps, sunglasses, hats, and pamphlets from fun places to visit in the area. You can also toss in a guide to restaurants that are local. When you plan your seating arrangements for your wedding, try to assign your guests so that there are an even number at each table. Also group tables by age, this will give people things they can talk about.


It can get stained or wrinkled in your closet.

Keep all the tips you just learned about what should or shouldn’t be included in your wedding in mind. Remember, there are ways to make your wedding planning easier and more successful. Keep the useful tips from this article in mind as you plan and prepare for your big day and hopefully the event will unfold with beautiful precision.

Silence and Stillness on a Waterfront Retreat


The city life brings about all kinds of stress on people’s lives. The noise and the pollution are the number one factor affecting the relaxation of an individual. Silence and stillness seem so hard to found when you’re living a busy life in a busy place.

A whole day in the office plus those spent with the household and all other stuff would really want to make a person keep still and quiet as it is a must part of a daily living in order to recover the lost energy on the things that has to be done on that particular the day. But how could it be possible? The perfect answer is to spend your weekend on a waterfront retreat.

A waterfront accommodation in Gippsland can provide you the peace and quiet you are searching for when your days are full and no longer find the time when you’ll be able to sit back and relax. Especially if you are a working ma’am, got to start the day with preparing and dropping them off to school then you head off to a mountain of work in the office, seems like “rest” is not included in your dictionary.

The idea of energy rising when it’s time for you to leave your workplace and head on home is far from reality because the thought of tons of household chores waiting for you makes you feel so much tired that you just want to lay in bed and sleep until the next morning.

At a waterfront retreat, you will be able to have a brand new feeling. The peace and steadiness you’ve all wanted? You can find them in this perfect location! Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stillness will surely begin once your foot steps on the ground of a waterfront retreat house.

Nature will embrace you with the fresh air while the trees and birds welcome you as they hum together with the sound of the water waves breaking through the shore.

How relaxing it can be?  All the health and wellness related activities that you can joyfully spend with family, friends and workmates will definitely bring you loads of energy that will empower you to function more efficiently at work and at home.

You will never regret spending a day of retreat on this breathtaking surroundings. Specifically deciding taking those lodges at waterfront accommodation at Wattle point where you’ll be able to have a close encounter with the local wildlife such as the kangaroos hopping at the backyard of your lodge.

Enrich your eyes with the beauty of nature around the retreat location. There’s nowhere on earth you’d rather be than stay in this kind of place. It’s truly a home!

Get Inspired During Your Retreat and Bring Out the Artist in You

Spending a retreat does not only mean to focus on self and spiritual renewal. You must also be able to make the most out of your stay in a beautiful place like waterfront retreat at Wattle Point. Surely, it will bring out the artist in you while enjoying the beautiful view of nature surrounding the place. The whole area of Waterfront Retreat is surrounded by lots of wattle and eucalypt trees, bushes and a waterfront area a perfect location for different kinds of animals to visit and feed. One of the most noticeable landmarks in Waterfront Retreat is the waterfront jetty that stretches along the beautiful Lake Victoria, one of the three largest lakes in Gippsland Lakes Accommodation. It is also surrounded by National Parks and Game Reserves.

All these nature’s features allows you to take a picture of these fantastic and amazing view bringing out the artist in you. Get a breathtaking shot and up close moment with wildlife such as, kangaroos hopping right in front of you, pelicans, sea eagle boastfully gliding in the air, black swans and rosellas and all other species of native animals can be found at the doorstep or at back yard of each lodge. If you’re lucky enough, you might see a Kuala up the trees or even some Dolphins in the water.

When it comes to photography, both professionals and enthusiasts can capture nature and wildlife at its best at Waterfront Retreat. The waterfront view is an amazing natural background for any type of photos or photo shoot. Photographers can find many great locations for photo shoot opportunities for any event or special occasion like Weddings and Conference event. This is the right pace for you when you aim to capture memorable moments together with family, friends and relatives for special occasions and events with nature as the ideal backdrop.

If you can paint them, the painting it is. The surrounding is enough to keep you inspired on your obra. Every detail will surely be exact knowing that you’re on the picture-perfect set to finish your painting. Catch that colorful winged bird on the tree while pecking on fruits on your canvass or the bunnies hopping around. What about the idea of kangaroo hopping with her baby inside her pouch? These are just some idea of what you can do with your artistic side during your stay in the most ideal place to relax, renew and refresh!

How to Make Fun and Unforgettable Memories While on Retreat


Spending quality time with family, friends and co-workers is among the many reasons why there is a need for retreat. It is the only moment that allows people to be apart from the usual daily works as well as with the stress that busy lifestyle brings. This is the only time when individuals get the chance to keep off from the noise and pollution of the city. Indeed, it is the perfect time for relaxation, self-evaluation and creating memorable experience.


An effective retreat requires an accurate and advance planning. This process will allow the participants with a hassle free and excellent retreat. A well-organized activity list is a key factor when you aim to get a fun and enthusiastic event.


What to do on a retreat?


Team Building activities are the most common thing to do during this event, some reflections and informational sessions are also observed. Choosing the right venue for your planned retreat will play an important role to an enjoyable moment such as this.  Waterfront Retreat at Wattle Point will let you experience being close to nature.


The place will allow you to create new, fun and unforgettable memories with many outdoor activities. It is the ultimate location when you want to enjoy sights of beautiful trees, native animals, bird life and local wildlife and take pleasure with the view of pristine waters of the beautiful Lake Victoria and Gippsland Lakes Network. The place offers free use of their facilities for water sports and outdoor sports equipment.


Being close to nature and literally surrounded by nature and its wonders, visitors can perfect enjoy an hour just walking around and exploring the surrounding.  It can also be the perfect place for running and other wellness activities. After a day of tiring yet fun filled activities, best Gippsland lakes accommodation will provide its guests the perfect spot for rest and recuperation and relaxation.


Water sports such as canoeing and kayaking will let you experience and embrace the tranquil ambiance of the magnificent waterfront and breathtaking views. Going on fishing with family and friends is the best and memorable bonding activity.

Another most sought-after outdoor activity you will find in this amazing retreat place is the outdoor tennis. They provide an outdoor tennis court that visitors can freely access and be able to have fun and enjoy an extraordinary game. Kids will surely like their stay while taking a plunge in their indoor pool. The solar heated indoor pool is the perfect place to play, swim, and just relax. They also feature an outdoor spa for more relaxing type of outdoor experience.

Ideas For Planning an Outdoor Wedding Reception


Having an outdoor wedding reception comes with a lot of benefits. An outdoor reception can save you a lot of money, it can make for a far more picturesque wedding, and it makes decorating a lot easier. Here are some great ideas that will eliminate hassle and help you have the reception of your dreams outdoors.


Venues for a Reception Outdoors

Mother Nature certainly has many wonderful locations to offer you that provide the perfect setting for an outdoor reception. If you are on a budget, the easiest place to have your reception outdoors is your back yard or that of a family member. With the right decorations and ambience, you can create a gorgeous and elegant reception in a back yard.

Wedding reception places outdoors that will require more planning on your part to reserve and set up include a farm or estate, a garden, the beach, a lake front property, the forest, or the mountains. Planning a destination wedding away from home provides you with the opportunity to explore exotic outdoor locations for your ceremony and reception.


Must-Have Items at an Outdoor Reception

Generally speaking, outdoor receptions allow you to be far more creative and provide a much more relaxing setting than your typical indoor receptions do. However, you need to make the necessary preparations to ensure that the reception runs smoothly and have a back-up plan in case the weather gets bad. It’s recommended to compile a to-do list in order to make planning your outdoor wedding reception hassle-free.


Some things you might want to put on your to-do list include finding a gazebo or tent to rent and confirming a rental date, renting tables and chairs, hiring a live band or DJ, and staying updated on weather conditions. Essential items that you’ll need to obtain for your reception outdoors include lights and décor. Lights are a necessity if you are planning for the festivities to go on until after sunset. If you are having a large wedding, it’s a good idea to leave it to professionals to hang up the lights to avoid injuries. Decorations must be wind-proof so make sure your table cloths are heavy and your candles have hurricanes. You’ll also want to do whatever it takes to ensure that your guests stay comfortable. If the weather is a bit on the cold side, provide heat lamps so the guests can stay warm. Use citronella candles if insects are a problem.


Food and Photography at an Outdoor Reception

Wedding reception places outdoors provide the ultimate setting for gorgeous wedding photographs. Whether you want to marry on a beach at sunset or exchange your vows amidst the fall leaves changing colors, make sure to capture those unforgettable moments on camera. Your best bet is to hire a professional photographer but if you’re on a tight budget, you can also leave disposable wedding cameras on each table and have your guests take pictures.

When deciding on a menu for your outdoor wedding reception, you have to determine whether you want to hire a professional caterer or if you’d rather provide the food yourself. You can also have a potluck style reception if it’s a small wedding. A caterer can take care of every detail of food service and clean up but it can be costly. Make sure nothing that spoils easily is served in case the temperature rises and ask the caterer to use fondant for the cake frosting because it is smooth, durable, and won’t spoil like buttermilk.

So there you have it. Make your wedding one-of-a-kind like your love and save yourself a ton of money by planning your reception outdoors. An outdoor wedding reception brings an element of natural beauty to your reception and provides a more relaxed atmosphere for both you and your guests. Use these ideas to make planning the outdoor reception of your dreams a hassle-free endeavor.